[Guitar refinish: Part 1] Purchase of a refinish guitar


Check out the various guitar refinish videos on Youtube

“I want to do it”

I bought around a thrift shop at once.

APEXE7 Les Paul type.

I feel like about 3,000 yen. Forgot.

If it’s cheap, it’s about 2,000 yen.

Maybe a little 10,000 yen! ?

I think that it will be a category of super cheap guitar.

The condition is ok. Pickup selector cap? There is only no.

I didn’t seem to have any problems, so I didn’t have to worry about purchasing.

When I made a sound at home, the sound was good. However, there is no sound from the front pickup …

Well, can I just use it for practicing refinish?

For the time being it will rose.

I cut the strings and remove the various parts, but it is inevitable to get a little dirty.

Since it is a bolt-on neck, handling is easy once it is broken.

Peg bush? Was stuck tightly, but I struck it from the back with a pencil.

If you use a screwdriver or a metal rod, it will damage the head, so it looks like a pencil when you look for wood (laughs).

I tried disposable chopsticks, but it was not good.

Hold the head firmly to avoid straining the seam with the neck.

Bush safely? Is missing.