[Guitar refinish: Part 2] How to remove the stud bolt


Probably the first stumbling point at the guitar finish

“Remove the stud bolt”

I don’t think everyone knows how to pull it out.

It’s not something you pull out so many times in your life, stud bolts.

First, what is a “stud bolt”? In short, it is a base for mounting a Les Paul type bridge or tail piece.

Large nut on the body

You can think that it is embedded. (The gray part below is the stud bolt)

It is in a state where it is firmly attached without being bonded.

It’s hard to get rid of this … but it’s easy if you know how.

Prepare bolts of the same size, plastic pipes for water supply etc., and plates and washers to prevent bolts from falling.

And if you tighten the bolt, the stud bolt will be pulled up.

The principle is really simple. You can make it with a suitable thing.

I prepared the upper part of the plastic bottle.

Since it was difficult to cut with a saw, it was blown out with a soldering iron.

The bolt goes to the home center with the bridge bolt.
Purchase a little longer with the same thickness and pitch.

Also, purchase a large washer so that the bolt doesn’t break through the bottle cap.

Purchase a seal mat at 100 uniforms to prevent the body from being scratched.
Make a hole slightly larger than the stud bolt.

After that, just assemble it in the state shown in the figure and turn the bolt.

However, because the stud bolt hole did not penetrate, it did not come out beyond a certain level.

So, I was able to get out safely by earning height and repeating it with a suitable board in between.

It’s easy to do, but it’s a work that really feels like “I’m spinning my guitar by myself.”

There is nothing particularly difficult, so I think it’s okay if you do it carefully.