[Guitar refinish: Part 3] Remove electrical components


I will pick up the pickups and pods.

The important thing is

“Do it while recording”

I think that.

While taking photos and videos with a smartphone.

Rose while marking the pickup and pod.

Otherwise, you will forget.

Humans are not smarter than I thought.

That’s why it’s going to break from one end, but wiring records are important.

How many colors are there and where?

If you make a mistake in wiring, you probably won’t notice it.

I’m not good at electricity.

Remove the wire while melting the solder with a soldering iron.

Don’t panic, don’t panic …

The pickup selector was a little worrisome.

There’s no sound from the front pickup! ?

If pulled out, it ’s a simple structure.

I wonder if something like this would break … I thought it would be wiring …

The contact on one side was broken with a pleasant sound.

Since it can’t be helped, I bought a cheap one by mail order.

Directly from China in no time. It is super cheap.
What is the mechanism of shipping costs?

Only here will be new

I store it when it is disassembled, but I put it in a ziplock roughly in parts.

Some people seem to sort by a small container with a small partition, but I feel that this sort of separation is easier to understand.

After removing the parts, finally remove the paint.