[Guitar refinish: Part 4] Remove the paint (Part 1)


Strip paint

I will peel off the paint.

This is where you can feel the guitar refining.

I’ve watched videos from various people in advance, so I want to avoid “Sandpaper Hell”.

I bought a “heat gun”.

It seems that some people are doing it with a hair dryer, but I bought it because it was hard.

Peel (Back)

I think you’ll feel when you use a heat gun.

“Pretty hot”

is. We will work while paying attention to the temperature.

First from the back.

Even if it fails, it doesn’t stand out, so I’m going to test it.

Warm up with a heat gun and smash with a scraper.

Only the top clear layer can be taken.

The essential black part cannot be taken.

There is no change even if you change the way.

Some parts can be peeled to the bottom, but it’s basically impossible to peel off.

Is it such a painting?

I’ll do my best with the table, but I can only peel off the clear layer.


When I did my best, I burned a little …

After all it seems to be considerable temperature.

I’m doing a lot of sweat at this point.